How to Submit


Once you have contacted me, you’ve seen a sample of my edits, and we’ve agreed on which tier of editing service that you’ll be receiving, there are a few rules to keep in mind if I agree to edit for you.

Submission Rules

1) There is a 50% non-refundable upfront deposit. This is to reserve your slot with me and for me to clear my calendar. Again, this deposit is non-refundable, no exceptions. I do not start editing until that down payment has cleared into my Paypal account of

2) Please be aware that if you have booked a package of services, such as developmental edits + proofreading, it is expected that after receipt of the developmental edits and you editing the file for the next round with proofreading, that then you will complete edits and resubmit a subsequent to finish out the package you booked. I’ve had clients in the past ghost me after booking a couple services as a package, which is really bad for me because I’ll block off a month and turn down other potential clients instead. Please, please, don’t book a service package and ghost me after the first step/first round of edits have been done and returned. 

3) You must review your manuscript before submitting it to me. I do not edit or proofread manuscripts that are first drafts without any self-edits. If I notice upon reading further into your manuscript/first chapter that you have recurrent errors and typos that indicate you have not done your own proofreading first, I will return the manuscript to you. I will not continue with my contracted edits until you’ve done a round of self editing to eliminate basic typos first. An editor and proofreader is not a substitution for your self-editing first.

4) Similarly, you must have proper formatting for your manuscript. I’m not super strict on this, but I need the manuscript to be double-spaced, which makes it easier to read. I also require page numbers and also paragraphs. I know that last sounds like an odd request, but I had to reject a client who had written their manuscript as one, long stream-of-consciousness MegaParagraph. 

5) I am paid per project. Do not send me a manuscript and also have tacked on the first seven chapters of the sequel novel at the end. I’ve had that happen to me before, and I will send the manuscript back and request you take back out the additional bonus seven chapters of the sequel as I was contracted to edit the book you’re actually working on and not the teaser section. 

6) Usually my timeline is about 4 weeks for developmental editing and 2-3 weeks for line editing or proofreading, depending on how full my plate is. However, I reserve the right to contact you and let you know if the editing will take longer/adjust the time frame if your work is in rougher shape than was initially indicated in a first chapter sample edit/review.

7) If we are going to be working together, you must send me a list of any potential triggering content in your work. Things I want to be warned about in advance and will figure into if I want to read your work/work with you include:

*mental illness

*self harm

*suicide attempts

*abuse: physical, emotional, or sexual

*rape and/or incest


I am not saying I won’t take your work on but I want to be warned. Honestly, if you work has suicide in it, I may not be the best fit for it.

8) Finally, I do not do memoirs or self-help of any kind. I can refer you to editor friends who will, but I do fiction. My preferred subject areas include the following: urban fantasy, romance (most subgenres), young adult (most subgenres), LGBTQ+ romance (most subgenres) as well as LGBTQ+ urban fantasy and contemporaries, thrillers, horror, and women’s fiction. 

My favorite genre overall is urban fantasy.

Thank you for following these policies!


Also as a reminder, if we work together, all final payments or installment payments are due within 24 hours upon receipt of returned manuscript edits!!!

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